The Evil Age of Apostasy

The word of God does not match with society and its norms.  It doesn’t match.  Why?  Because it’s supposed to change society not to prostitute itself to society….

Silent compliance equals support.  If you are silently complying, you are supporting Satan’s will.  Deal with it!

On the year of the Shemitah, [Mother] now dethrones Father and is now sitting on his throne.

Cheong Pyeong is shut down, folks, do you understand that?  I said that six months ago.  That’s a clear sign.  Don’t be fools…. Don’t be stupid.

We are in the Shemitah year.  I really encourage every one of you to research this….

Look at our culture.  We have become so anti Biblical. We’ve become Satanic.  We’re straying from the framework of Providence.  That’s why we’re cursed.

Look at the decadence we live in today.  Look at how all the young people here, all you guys are pressured to celebrate homosexuality.  Because nobody can believe in the credibility of the Bible or the Word of God or even God Himself.  So we make up our own morality.  This is the idiocy we live in now….

Anybody who opposes this, you cannot speak.

Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Who put darkness for light and light for darkness.  Isaiah 5:20.

The Devil is not only interested in doing evil.  He is interested in defiling good….  He’s interested in defiling good. … He’s not only interested in doing evil things.  He’s interested in desecrating what is good, defiling it so it becomes evil  and then calling that good.

America has now tipped the tipping point.  Morally it’s done.

In the last days there has to be a separation….Those who really believe on one side are the light and those who will follow and prostitute themselves to what’s popular.  Nothing more than prostitutes.  Not standing for Truth, not standing for God, they will prostitute themselves to be popular….

Everybody gets exposed, and so many want to hide from looking at themselves in the mirror, seeing that they are frauds and repenting.