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Hear With Your Heart

If there is some fact that you have seen with your eyes and heard with your ears, then from now on, you must securely establish the center of the heart that can see, hear and feel everything in a new light. If you cannot become like this, then when, in the last days, Heaven orders, "Wake up for the sake of the world and all people," you will not be able to wake up no matter how hard you try.

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Seek Your Original Mind

But, among the human beings today, there is no one who is penetrating into it with dead seriousness to reach that state in search of one's original nature, even if they desire this state of mind. Moreover, there is no one who is abandoning everything for the sake of causing the rise of this mind. Although people today can abandon everything they have and step forward for the sake of some ideology or thought, they do not abandon everything for the sake of the truth, which is more important and raises up their mind

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Seek Your Original Mind and the Truth

As you can see, we are living in the era of confusion. On our own, we cannot distinguish from all the things that we see, hear and come across which are true and which are false. Then, on what standard, can we distinguish the true from the false? That standard is neither knowledge nor learning. It is each person's original mind. In this moment when the last days are near, we cannot know when and who will invade us and trample upon our life and eternal hope. The invasion might come through our knowledge and some worldly conditions. Therefore, we must not put too much emphasis on the knowledge that we have or in the worldly conditions.

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Have the Mind of Christ to Save Humankind

Originally, humankind should have lived according to the purpose that the mind desires, within the limits of the will that God demands. By doing so, humankind should have represented the whole ideology of God and entered the position of being the second God. However, due to the fall, humankind lost the original mind that can achieve this. Consequently, the condition is such that human beings today must suffer grief in order to find this original mind.

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