Tag: Mind-Body Unity

Have a True Heart to Save Others

Only when you accomplish a free relationship of give and take between your minds and bodies from what your minds infer from the command of God -- the relationship in which the body moves according to the mind's wish, and the mind moves together with the body as the body dictates -- can you call yourselves God's sons and daughters. You can then start the work of providential recreation on this earth.

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Center Your Body on Your MInd and Your MInd on God

The reason is that when the mind becomes one with God and the body becomes one with the mind, then the body will move naturally. It is a universal principle that progress will occur through the complete giving and receiving action between the mind and body centering on God. It is the law of the creation that wherever there are unity and good giving and receiving action on a reciprocal base, the creation of one demonstrative, substantial body will take place. Only then is it complete.

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