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The Three Stages of Life

While we live in the world of air, our spirit self is attached to the physical self and feeds off the physical body, similar to the fetus in the womb feeding off nutrients supplied by its mother. When the physical body grows old, the spirit self discards the physical body and goes out on its own. This is its second birth, now as a person who can relate to the eternal God, the Father who is spirit. Physical birth and this second birth occur in accordance with the same fundamental principles.

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Live Well so that You can Die Well

Which do you think God rejoices over more:  The day of your birth in a physical body, or the hour of your second birth into the infinite world as a son or daughter of God whose every action is for the sake of love?  You might wonder why I talk about such things.  The truth is, you cannot establish a relationship with God unless you liverate yourself from the fear of death.

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As we Live on Earth, So Shall We Live in Heaven

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