Unselfishly Exercise Judgement against Sin

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Deuteronomy 33

24About Asher he said:

“Most blessed of sons is Asher;

let him be favored by his brothers,

and let him bathe his feet in oil.

25The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze,

and your strength will equal your days.

Deuteronomy 28

36The Lord will drive you and the king you set over you to a nation unknown to you or your ancestors. There you will worship other gods, gods of wood and stone. 37You will become a thing of horror, a byword and an object of ridicule among all the peoples where the Lord will drive you.

Let the Sleeping World Awaken

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 19, 1957

If you want to become the son of God, then you must possess the heart of righteous indignation that has penetrated deep into God's heart for 6,000 years. You should also be able to act on behalf of God's heart, where the bitter grief is rooted deep. You must also feel righteous indignation toward the enemy Satan.

Similarly, if you represent the heart of God and possess the heart of righteous indignation toward the enemy, you should then become united to move onto the world level, and you can win the fight against Satan. Many people today do not realize they have this mission.

The Christian believers emphasize the words of Jesus, "Love your enemy." However, these words do not mean that you should love sin and evil within the enemy, but that you should look upon the person who is fettered by sin with sympathy. You must understand this clearly. There cannot be such a thing as unconditional love. Telling you to love other people is also not asking you to love the sin of that person, but to love that person himself. At the time of judgment in the last days, to save sinners from the realm of sin, God must strike Satan, who is dominating over the sinners, but He can strike Satan only through true human beings.

Now, you must not desire the Kingdom of Heaven and follow God for your own glory. Even if you entreat God to do something for you, you must have the qualifications to make the request. Consequently, you must always examine whether you have appealed to God within the realm of God's ideology and heart, at the time and position that you can receive the permission.

Yet, how are we? We do not understand the heart of God, and have not freed ourselves from the position of having betrayed the heavenly laws, we are only appealing before Heaven that it answers our prayers. We must step outside this position. Forgetting everything about ourselves and possessing the heart of righteous indignation centering on the heavenly laws, we must become the people who, forgetting everything, whether we ourselves are ruined or prosperous, holding the people and the world that are dying and holding onto Heaven, which is in sorrow, demonstrate concern and do our utmost. Only after we set this standard of life and pray, "Heaven, please be responsible for me," will you become closer to the heart of God. However, there are many people who are following Heaven without setting this kind of standard of life. Therefore, you should have the mind-set of the master of Heaven and earth.

If you cannot become the ones who confront Satan from the position of having fulfilled the responsibility that you must do, the responsibility that God wants, and if you cannot become qualified to fight with Satan on behalf of Satan, then your hopes can never be realized. Therefore, you today must possess the heart of righteous indignation in the sphere of your life, and standing on the side of God you must be able to execute the judgment toward Satan in substitution. If the center of your minds, which can enable each of you to bear this responsibility, is not secured, then you cannot usher in the one day whose purpose is to judge Satan.

Because the dispensation of Heaven has world quality, you must also relatively pursue the ideology that has world quality. Therefore, more than anything else, you must first reflect, for whom is the demand that you make and for whom is the hope that you desire. However, most people today demand a self-centered will, rather than the will centered on God; rather than obtaining joy centering on the grace of God, they try to do so centering on themselves.

Even though God allowed some grace to you, that grace is not for just your sake, but it is the grace that must be propagated to the ends of the world stepping on you as the base; it is the grace that must bring to submission Satan, who commands power and authority; and it is the grace that must be returned to Heaven.

Similarly, the grace you received from Heaven is not only for your sake. It is grace for the sake of society, people, world, the will and heaven. Despite this, most people cling to this grace and secure their seat in their own sphere of life, and try to enjoy it only as their own. But, this grace will leave you because it can no longer remain in that place.

Therefore, if you have received some divine favor from heaven, then with the heart of righteous indignation you can fight with Satan on behalf of heaven. You must not act in judgment centering on yourself. Similarly, if you try to take advantage of the granted divine favor, centering on yourself, or try to judge others, centering on yourself, then, because this is not the right attitude of faith, you will not be able to walk the path of the will that is allowed.