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Understand Jesus to Understand God

You must reflect on how Jesus, who can be the master of life, love and ideals for all people, has walked the toilsome path to seek you, that one person. Jesus was born under pitiful circumstances and led a miserable life. While he suffered through unspeakably contemptuous treatment, he fought with the evil forces and, without being able to obtain one comrade to stand on his side, he passed away. Not only that, after his death, Jesus has been fighting until today to liquidate Satan who has been torturing human beings for many thousands of years. You have to understand that Jesus is someone who lives with such a sorrowful heart that we cannot even imagine.

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Prevent Satan's Invasion through Jesus and the Holy Spirit

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Live for the World as Jesus Did

In order for us, in our daily lives, to realize the value of the life of Jesus, who represented God's love, we who must take responsibility for the restoration of the whole life must not deal with whichever matter we face with transient emotions. We must deal with all things with the resolution and determination that we will model ourselves after Jesus' character, who represented the whole on the cosmic level. Only after we pass through such a day-to-day life can we complete the worldwide life and make a connection with eternal life.

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