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Carry Your Providential Responsibility as Jesus Did

We must develop the base for the relationship that is like the relationship forged between God and Jesus. We must be able to serve the unchanging center as the unchanging purpose. In order to do that, we must possess immutable patience. At present, the course of ordeals remains before us. This course has become inescapable. We must inherit the character of Jesus who came to the earth and personally offered thirty years of his life in order to break through this course. With no regard for death, he testified to the truth and establish the truth.

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Take on the Mission of a Providential Figure

Now you must inherit and fulfill the responsibility to accomplish the will. To do that, you must resemble Jesus, the central figure of the universe. In other words, you must indemnify all of this as the central figure of the universe -- like Jesus. You must emulate his demonstrated life manners and put them into practice as seen. Until now, Christians have led their life of faith only looking up to Jesus, who died on the cross, but they should not. You must know that Jesus indemnified the course of the 4,000-year history in his lifetime. You must live your life of faith looking at the whole life of Jesus.

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Let Us Serve Jesus by Inheriting His Work

Richard:  We should see the spiritual reality and serve Jesus and recognize that the Second Coming of Jesus is here in Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and also recognize the role of his successor Pastor Hyung Jin Moon.

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Our Spirits Are Saved; Bodily Redemption Awaits the Second Coming

Yes, our salvation does come from Jesus' victorious resurrection. This is the victory of Christ, and Satan's power can never influence it. But the body of Jesus Christ was given up as a sacrifice and a ransom. In giving up his body, Jesus also gave up the body of mankind. Our salvation is limited to spiritual redemption, because the redemption of the body remained unfulfilled 2,000 years ago. And our world still suffers under Satan's power. Sin rages and dominates this world through our bodies.

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Be a Bride to the Bridegroom, the Second Coming of Jesus

What did Jesus, who crossed the pass of crucifixion to come seeking us, leave behind? He left the mission of the bride and bridegroom. Accordingly now the Lord will appear as the bridegroom in your prayers. You are the bride and the Lord is the bridegroom, and this is the appearance with which he will come before you. When you meet the Lord who comes as the bridegroom, you have to always think about the recompense of the blood shed on the cross.

What is left and what the Lord must give us is that he must find for us the path through which we can dismantle the cross and wish for the blessing to be given to humanity. He must show us the path through which we can go over the cross. We must cross the pass of the cross so that Jesus can hold onto us freely and we must bring liberation from grief by shaking off the cross. Unless we set the unchanging standard based on which we can dismantle the cross, the altar, heaven and earth, and the works of the Second Coming, will not be complete.

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Listen to Jesus' Voice

Therefore, you must now learn the contents of Jesus' request and find the way that you must walk. You will be greatly mistaken if you do not know the way in which you must head and what position you are in, the position of the lost lamb, and if you hold to the belief that this world will continue as it is. You yourselves might not know this very well, but while walking the 2,000-year course of history since his birth, Jesus is calling out with a sad voice, that calling has become your hope.

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Jesus is Looking for Us

Today we have a simple understanding of Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God in the 4,000-year history of the dispensation and the central figure who won the victory over Satan. He bore the cross for the sake of saving humanity which had lapsed into sin and evil ways. What did God do to raise up Jesus as the center? He entrusted in Jesus all that He had been doing in His dispensation for the world and humanity. As a result, when Jesus Christ was lifted up as the new center of the providence, he stood in the position to be responsible for the salvation of the whole of humanity. When he was put in such a position, his mind and body must have been overwhelmed with unspeakable sorrow.

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Keep a Warrior Spirit and Seek God Earnestly

Jesus' singular determination in his heart was such that even if everything in his life was to perish, he was going to live for the sake of God. He had no other desire than to fulfill to the fullest his mission as the Savior of all humankind, even if that meant that his physical body would be neglected. He had no other desire than that which cried out, "Father! With the destruction of my own being, I will become the son of filial devotion, the embodiment of love whom You have sought for 4,000 years and Your beloved son who can return love to You."

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