Archive: 01/10/2016

Hope for the Day of Resurrection

How many people do you think there were who knew the historical fact that the entire responsibility and the universal mission of the 4,000 years during which God led the dispensation of restoration rested on Jesus? Was there even one person who realized the heart of Jesus, who had wishes centering not on himself, but wished to realize the historical and universal wishes of God? Was there even one person who knew Jesus' heart of hoping only for the day that all in Heaven and under Heaven could sing the song of resurrection before God? Jesus never forgot that wish for even one minute during the thirty years of his life and led a most distressful life. Although the Israelite people did not believe in Jesus because of their ignorance, Jesus sacrificed all of his life and walked his course to provide them with the historical and universal hope, the glory of resurrection. No one understood this fact.

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