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The Natural Way of Love

Likewise, once people become used to the earthy, deep, relaxing taste of love, they will always keep their taste for it. However, just as we easily tire of instant foods that are usually heavily sweetened, if we could obtain love easily and anywhere, like instant Food, we could not call it true love. (Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom, vol. I, 354, 1986.1.3)

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Enraptured by True Love

God is completely responsive to human beings. If true love had been perfected in the human world, God would be living in our midst, totally enveloped by true love. He would have no second thoughts about it. God's nature is such that He is completely happy with anything that happens within the realm of true love. Likewise, if human beings were living in this world of true love, their entire lives would be happy and free from regret. In such a world there would he no history of warfare, no grief and no misfortune.  (Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom, vol. I, 383,1986.8.20)

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Love Comes From Your Partner

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Men and Women Need Each Other

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Men and Women Are Born for Each Other

For what purpose is a man born? He is born for the sake of a woman. This fact cannot be denied. Likewise, a woman is not born for her own sake, but for the sake of a man. A woman who does riot come to a clear under­standing within herself that she is born for the sake of a man will encounter problems in her life.

God, the Great Administrator of heaven and earth, estab­lished this principle within His Principle of Creation. We cannot enter the world of goodness, truth, happiness and peace, or the world of love and ideal, unless we follow this principle.(Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom, vol. I, 338, 1975.1.16)

Every woman is born to one day join with a man, and every man is born to join with a woman. This is the high­est truth. By following this principle we can find the realm of blessing. Deviating from this highest truth con­stitutes the highest evil. (21-201,1968.11.20)

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There Are Three Stages of Human Life

Human beings pass through three ages in the course of their life: the water age, the land age and the air age. Don't animals and all things live in the water, on land, and in the air? For human beings to stand as the lords of creation and be qualified to have dominion over all things, we must exist as a complete life form, more com­plete than any other creature. 
To be the lords of all creatures at home in the water, we are given an age when we live in water. Next, (hiring the land age, we exist as the highest being among all the land animals. It follows that we must also have an air age. But human beings do not have wings. Without wings, how can we fly? We should be able to fly higher and father than any bird or insect. Then what should we do? This cannot happen as long as we are in a physical body. No matter how high we jump, we cannot get far off the ground.

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Seeking the Center of Love

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Understanding and Experiencing What God's Love Is

Without having the experience of raising your own chil­dren, you cannot begin to fathom how much God has loved human beings, His children. Similarly, until you have experienced life as a husband, you cannot know God's experience of loving a woman as His wife, and without the experience of being a wife, you cannot know God's experience of loving a man as Her husband. Although you may already know what it is like to be a child of God, yon cannot truly understand God's paren­tal love until you become a parent yourself. Therefore, to become a true parent who knows God's love, you need to have sons and daughters. (133-138, 1984.7.10)

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Love as the Core of Happiness

Since the beginning is love, the end is also attained through love. For this, a man and a woman begin a relationship, become one in love, and expand their love to connect with everyone around them: front and back,right and left, above and below. (Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom,vol. 1, 1064, 1986.1.3)

No matter how firmly we have determined to become an absolute being and live for an absolute purpose, it will be for nothing unless we are happy. Our daily life should be joyful.

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Love is the Core of Human Life

You were born out of your parents' love. You were not born from your parents' desire for money or knowledge.  Because you were born from love, you should bear the fruits of love. This is why you need to have children. A man and a woman each becomes complete when they become one as husband and wife and then have sons and daughters as their object partners.

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