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VisionRoot offers innovative tools for those who want to serve their communities in a meaningful way.  Serve each home, school, church or organization, making a real difference in peoples lives.  Get the vision and deal with the very root of society's problems with VisionRoot's tools.

Mission: To help each individual to connect to God and God’s purpose for their lives, enabling and inspiring them to express God's love in practical ways.


17th Celebration of Family 
Monthly Discussions on Vaccine Choice and sexual abstinence before marriage as the best choice for youth and young adults.
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Unification Principle Online Seminar-Part 5- February 1, 2020

Learn the basic teaching of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification movement:


Universal Peace Federation Inaugural Address:
September 23, 2005; Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC-English Audio File

Rev Sun Myung Moon: God's Ideal Family Is the Model for World Peace

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 Announcing a Tribal Messiah Association 

Purpose:   to provide a forum for Tribal Messiahs to discuss concerns and advance activities that work toward the fulfillment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, as described in the Eight Sacred Textbooks of holy scripture delineated by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

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We raise youth leaders to develop good character and to model and teach about the benefits of sexual abstinence, in preparation for marriage and successful family formation.

Allows affiliates to set up their own grocery delivery business, including an online and printed catalog, telephone ordering, packing lists, customer re-order forms, and more.


Strengthening the Family

Marriage is the fundamental institution set up by God for the fulfillment of His purpose. God wants to be the center of each marriage and to Bless each marriage.  True Family Values teaching materials explain how this is possible.
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Book Reviews

Give and Take
By Adam Grant

Real Love in Parenting
Nine simple and powerfully effective principles for raising happy and responsible children
By Greg Baer

The Day Christians Changed America
by George Barna

Rod of Iron Kingdom
by Hyung Jin Sean Moon

Foundation Day and Seongwha:
The Kingdom of God Father Left Behind
By the Substantial Word Group